community pets programs

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Community Outreach

The foundation of ARF is a team of volunteers that build relationships within the community and share educational information. We want to connect with pet lovers who do not have access to vital services and won't receive them without intervention. Providing dog houses, straw for winterization, cooling blankets for the summer months, providing cable tie-outs, securing fences, and a food pantry are just some of the services our outreach team provides.

Spay and Neuter

The single best way to end animal homelessness and overpopulation is to prevent it before it happens. The most effective prevention method is proactive spay and neuter efforts. While ARF does not perform spay and neuters directly, our Community Pets Program provides pet owners with financial assistance through our veterinary partners. If you are in need of help getting your pet spayed or neutered, please contact us. There are a number of ways we can assist.

Vaccines and Microchipping

Vaccinations are critical for all animals so that they can live long healthy lives. Many deadly diseases are preventable with vaccines. Through our network of veterinarians, we are able to provide financial assistance for vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick prevention and microchips. No one thinks their dog will get lost until they do. Microchips can help your lost pet get back home.

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Youth Programs

We believe the foundation of pet care and education begins with the young generation. When young minds are given the tools and knowledge to succeed, they spread that among their peer groups. We have a small team of "junior volunteers" that speak to their peers in a language and demonstration that they understand without the authority of an adult, which can intimidate some children. Through reading programs, hands-on demonstrations of habits, and a fun atmosphere, we teach our young minds how to respect, approach, and care for a variety of animals. We also incorporate a reading program, where school-aged children can read to an animal. Studies have shown that not only does this help children practice their reading and improve ESL skills, it also helps our timid dogs learn about socialization in a safe environment.


Finding the perfect fit is always a challenging task. Rescue dogs can come with some "baggage" and special needs. Families often have stipulations on what kind of dog and behavior they need. With our match-making program, we can help you find that perfect pup for your family based on the needs of the dog and the wants of the family. By filling out a quick survey, a list of available dogs can be sent to families to consider for adoption.

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Many times when a family needs to re-home a pet it is due to behavior issues. This can range from fence jumping, nipping, and potty training to more severe aggression issues. We at ARF partner with many local trainers to suggest programs and training protocols to follow. We understand that finances can be difficult as well as personalities. In order to alleviate this, we can suggest different trainers to accommodate all aspects of need for the individual dog/family. For some helpful tips for common issues or to request more info on a trainer, please reach out to us.